Learn to Thrive

Nicola Morgan MSc


Positive Psychologist   Learning Consultant

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"Following in the footsteps of the great Roald Dahl, I work in a cabin in my garden in Great Missenden, Bucks"


Nicola's Office and practice room.



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Healthy minds, healthy mindsets, healthy bodies......these are the things which allow us to thrive


I must confess, I do have a problem with an 'elevator pitch', you know where you are supposed to be able to tell people in a very limited time (say, a minute) what it is that 'you do'.


These are some of the things that I do:


I coach and mentor


I tutor academic subjects: English, Politics, Psychology and Primary subjects


I teach Pilates


I advise on Nutrition and coach a psychology-based weight management programme


I walk my dogs


I read A LOT


I design holistic schemes for individuals to benefit from feeling their 'Embodied Self' - using their body awareness to help them with leadership, creativity and communication


I coach using Acceptance Commitment Therapy - and, oh, I so love this technique!


I train people in strengths and resilience


I cook plant-based food that I love


I parent


I practise Pilates (as well as teaching it)


I write


I study


Did I mention, I read A LOT


I get trained by my teenage children how to use social media





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