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Welcome, I'm Nicola Morgan





We live in a challenging world


The world isn’t kind to women, or built for women. No wonder so many of us are struggling! But it doesn’t have to be that way.


This is different to anything else you’ve tried


With my 15 years teaching expertise, experience as a nutrition adviser, pilates instructor, mindfulness & meditation teacher and my studying MSc Applied Positive Psychology, I use a blend of coaching techniques you won’t find in your typical holistic centre.


I work on all the layers - from inside out to outside in - using experience to offer you what will have the biggest impact on your life, your health and your happiness.


The key difference? I treat your whole self.


Psychology is not just a 'neck up' science; your mindset and your thinking are important but what is going on in your body - what you eat, how you move, relax and sleep will all impact on how you feel and what you can achieve.  


How we can work together


Following a free consultation over Skype or phone, I’ll put together a bespoke VIP package where we look to transform all aspects of your life, health and wellness in 6 sessions over 3 months - with email support in-between.


The important thing is that I am flexible, I can tailor how I support you - or your children according to your needs.  


Read more about Transformation packages here or feel free to contact me to arrange a no-cost, no-obligation call on 01494 864303 or 07918 665656.


And don’t worry, if it’s not for you, there’ll be no need to call me back, or explain.





I started my career as a lawyer, a solicitor in the City.  It was fun but did not satisfy my need to help people be their best.  So, I re-trained as a teacher and worked in both secondary school and primary schools.  I then spent some time as a writer of educational resources and a stand up comedian.  (I know!).  I have now worked as a tutor and coach for 15 years working with young people and adults one to one or in small groups to help them achieve their goals.


My name is Nicola Morgan and I am a learning addict.  


I just cannot seem to help myself attending new courses and gaining new qualifications - I am deeply passionate about learning and I find every single new skill adds to the unique blend that I can offer to support others.  


My professional qualifications:

  • MSc Applied Positive Psychology

  • Solicitor (non-practising)

  • Teacher (PGCE, QTS)

  • Teacher of Meditation & Mindfulness (CMA)

  • Pilates Instructor

  • Nutrition Adviser


Each one of these has added more to my life - take being a solicitor, for example, there I learned interview skills, analytical thinking, problem-solving, future-focused thinking.  Being a teacher developed my sense of empathy, my appreciation of different ways of thinking, of neuro-diversity, of spotting strengths and helping people to develop.  Learning to teach mindfulness has been amazing - this is something that you can apply to more or less any aspect of your life.  Physical training is just where it is at in terms of feeling good in yourself.  There is always something new and exciting to learn.


A few other things:


1. I am a parent of two teenagers


2. I did the stand up comedy circuit for three years


3. I had a life-threatening illness that was a real wake-up call


4. I have two lovely dogs who make sure that I get out and walk


5. I work in a cabin in my garden in Great Missenden (just like Roald Dahl did!)


6. I have written 50,000ish words of a novel.  I am not sure if it will ever see the light of day


7. I am an ambassador for 50:50 Parliament and can talk in schools or W.I's etc on the subject


8. I have spent ten years of my adult life at University studying various different disciplines.  I might stop


9. I write articles for a fantastic website called the Positive Psychology People which you can read by clicking here


10. I have worked with people of all different age groups and nothing give me greater joy than seeing people learn to thrive

About me

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This site is being updated and upgraded.  I hope it will be up and running in February.